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The guys at the new Avantiplus store in Hobart (well, Sandy Bay if you ask me) know about customer service.

Seriously … these guys are so focused on customer service that they opened their bike shop right next to where I park my car for work (on the couple of days a week I drive in) and you have to ask yourself … how many bike shops have done that just for you?

OK, there is a counter rumour going around that this may just have been a coincidence, but I’m sticking with my “the world revolves around me” theory and if you want to test it … just go and ask them if they’ll build a shop near you and see how it goes.

So, as you may have read in a previous post, my bike got a bit trashed at the Hellfire Cup, and liking to support businesses that sponsor events,  I decided to take it into the new Avantiplus store to get them to service it.

The fact that the shop is really convenient for me was pure coincidence … this was altruism 101.

The good news from the service was that after forking out less than a hundred bucks for a service, my bike rode like a dream on Saturday.

The not so good news was the “but” bit where I found out that all of my rear bearings have seized up and needed replacing (how that happened when I get my bike serviced so regularly I don’t know).  However, it’s another job that needs doing before Wildside in 8 weeks.

Still, despite another looming $300+ service bill, it’s good to see another bike shop back in town, and on a personal note, happy to see that Damian (who I bought my last two bikes from when he worked at Ken Self Cycles) is back in the State.

Welcome to Sandy Bay (sorry, Hobart)!

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  1. Avantiplus Hobart what an awesome shop
    fantastic staff experienced in road and mountain bikes plus great range of accessories there is no where else in Hobart(Sandy Bay) that has such an awesome range this is a revolution in bike shops I love shopping at Avantiplus

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