Small World – Part II

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So I was sitting at a table in the campground on Saturday night resuscitating my website for the third time in a week after my friends the hackers had come and visited me, again, and this time I was doing everything I could think of to lock it down.

Which to be honest wasn’t much more than upgrade all components and delete anything that looked strange.

That’s when this Irish guy walks in and says “What you doing there, looks like you’ve set up your home office out here.“.

So I told him the short story about being hacked and he starts throwing all these IT, teck like, computer questions at me that I couldn’t answer, so, I asked him if he worked in IT.

Turns out he did.

In fact his day job was as a police forensic IT specialist. He spent his time tracking down hackers.

Suffice to say he had some good suggestions.

Oh, and of course he had been to Tasmania as well.

It’s a small world.

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