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I’ve discovered my Krypotonite.

I’ll pause here for a moment and let you catch up with the fact that I put myself on the same level as superman.

Back with me?


Tight spiral stairways.

Seriously, I have discovered that I am incapable of walking down spiral stairways.

I’m not that good going up them either, just to completely expose my weaknesses.

By about the second spiral I start feeling dizzy, by the third the stairs seem to expand and contract before my eyes, and just like Superman I start feeling weak and find myself stumbling over my feet.

If, as happened in Salzburg and at Schloss Neuschwanstein , there are more than three spirals, the walls start closing in and I find that I can no longer remember my name or the reason I am there.

Never mind which direction to go. Up? Down? Is there a point, is there an escape?

I believe I was found weeping half way down a stairwell recently, babbling in perfectly coherent French “L’argent qu’on possède est l’instrument de la liberté; celui qu’on pourchasse est celui de la servitude“.

Or maybe that’s just what’s written on the wall of the train carriage I’m currently on, but fact and fiction aside, one irrefutable truth remains – spiral stairways are my Krypotonite.

Though thinking about it, that is rather a hard weakness to use against someone.

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