Pace 17 … The big questions.

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So – back to the important questions of life.

Just before the stock market went south (and hence I was feeling slightly less broke) I sold what few shares I still had in my SOUL and put down the deposit on that new Tiderace Pace 17 Tour I had paddled up in Sydney.

That was the easy part … now I have the big decision to make … should I get a red one or a black one????

I know … the red one would obviously be faster (especially if someone else paddles it) and will probably look cooler in photos, but consensus from the lay people I’ve asked is that it looks cheap and horrible (I tend to agree hence my comments that this boat looks a bit like a moose in my previous post).

Unfortunately there aren’t any images of black ones on the google-verse (formally known as the internet) so putting my full artistic talents to use … I’ve created one of my own so that I could visualise it in it’s full glory  …


I know … my creation should be on display at some great museum of art, and no it is not my attempt at surrealist modern art.

Just for reference, this is the red alternative :


So … I’m leaning towards the slower, scolding in the sun, black one despite knowing that it will probably show up every scratch and dint and look horrible and ragged after just two months weeks  … but let’s just say that I’m less than locked into this decision so don’t be surprised if (when it arrives in a couple of months) I find myself sitting in a red one.

In the meantime … I have to figure out how to pay for the balance I owe, and given that I’ve already sold my soul …. anyone want to buy any body parts?

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