What The Fox.?

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So whilst getting my bike fixed up at Sprung the other day I found out a rather terrifying piece of news, you know these things …

They’re called forks, and prior to my visit to Sprung they were something I just assumed worked until the bike died or you did something really stupid.

Apparently this isn’t so … you see (and you might want to sit down here) apparently you are supposed to service your fox forks after every 20 hours of riding.

OK, this may place you in one of three frames of mind:

  1. You made me sit down for that, so what?
  2. Oh, that does sound like a lot, but good to know.
  3. WTF?
Now, there is only actually one correct emotional response to this little snippet of information … but I may not have given you all the information to get there yet.  Here’s the rest of the information … the average 20 hour service will cost you between $120 and $200 … and here’s my bill to prove it …
… and just so you don’t miss the point …
Now, I don’t know about you, but I can knock over 20 hours of riding in under a month without too much effort, and that means that on top of the $90 worth of brake pads I go through every couple of months,  if I now service my forks to specification, I’m up for another $120 – $200 a month … 
Heck, that’s $6 to $10 an hour.  I’m in shock.
Suddenly I’m thinking of pulling out of Kellevive 6 Hour Enduro tomorrow because it’s too expensive to run my bike … maybe I’ll just do one lap as quickly as I can and then pull out.  that should save me up to $50 in fork running expenses.
Which brings me back to the title of this blog and the correct answer to how I feel about this.
Seriously, What The Fox?

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