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Strange but true. …I took Kim for a ride along some remote and beautiful tracks down past Maydena today …

 …  and she didn’t enjoy it!

Nope, just 10kms into our my proposed 40km circuit, she was complaining that the track was too “overgrown” and “scratchy” … and that she didn’t think that having three leeches hanging off each foot was a natural experience comparable to her hot baths in Rotorua.

Who made her a princess I say … I mean you be the judge,  doesn’t this look awesome …

Yes, yes, yes I hear you say!

Admittedly we probably pushed, pulled and carried our bikes for at least half of that distance (OKa lot more than half) and we did only average just over 3kms an hour for the whole trip … but it was magnificent.

I just don’t get it – I think Kim’s getting soft.  Soon she’ll be asking that we only ride groomed trails … sigh.

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  1. Hi John, is this the standard route as described on the Tassie Trails website? I thought the Saw Back Track was all 4WD accessible, and used semi-regularly? It doesn't look 4WD accessible in the photos. John Anderson.

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