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A couple of months ago I saw a little snippet on the Cradle Coast Mountain Biking Club’s facebook page about a new mountain bike park they were building up at the old penguin speedway … and I got a little bit excited.

OK, so this is the speedway, not the track …
Can’t believe there isn’t a strava course around this yet.

I contacted their President and he was quite happy for me to go and explore the park and he was even kind enough to give me a pretty good heads up of how to find the (as yet unmarked and still under construction) trails they were building.

Needless to say that despite this I managed to get gloriously lost just finding my way there and even more wonderfully lost riding around.

I also had a hoot.

I found all three sections of track that I was told about, and as described the tracks were still young, raw and challenging.  I really enjoyed the technical trails in the North West corner, I crashed a couple of times around some tricky tight little tracks in the North East Corner …

But it was the southern and eastern sections which I really fell in love with, particularly the southern section.  Although short, this section had the best flow riding in the park (most of the rest is tight and technical) and I have to put it to the guys who are putting these tracks in … they are making great use of the limited area and what the ground is offering in terms of slope and obstacles.

Here’s a glimpse into some of what’s on offer, I’m hoping to get some track notes up on soon.

Front gate, I entered about 30 metres to the north of this.

A carpeted ride … this is new to me.

Nice little drop.
I loved this little chute …

Footnote:  I’ve been told that CCMBC have a lease over the site and are happy for responsible riders to make use of the tracks, however if you do head up there, be sensitive to the track construction underway and don’t ruin the trails for others.

… and to Marcus and the CCMBC – thanks for letting me go play.

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