Visiting my big ‘sis

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My sister picked us up from the airport on Wednesday night and like you do when you fly into a new State or Country, we drove past a petrol station, saw the price of petrol, and got to talking about the relative (and rising) cost of living … petrol, power, water etc.   

Anyway, Kathie went through how expensive power is nowadays, and all the things you need to do to save on energy usage and then because the cost of living isn’t really that interesting, the conversation moved on …

Fast forward to the next morning and let me take you on a tour of my Sister’s house …

This is the main lounge … that person is almost life sized.              
Kichen – that TV is still bigger than mine.
Ashleys Room

Jayden’s room

The main bedroom …
… and of course the outside frickin’ deck.

I’m surprised they don’t need to build a ruddy power station right outside her backdoor to keep that lot going.  I’m obviously not keeping up …

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