The Benefits of Staying Awake

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I fell asleep this afternoon as I was pretty tired after all the broken sleep over the past three nights.

Only problem with this was that I was driving at the time.
I can tell you it is a pretty scary moment when you open your eyes and realise that you’ve fallen asleep at the wheel and have drifted into the next lane.  It was only luck that kept me alive and I knew it.
The adrenaline rush was pretty crazy though.
Ironically, I couldn’t pull over for a break as there were these concrete barriers right down the highway and when I did finally get to a rest stop, well it was closed for emergency services training so I had to keep going.  I guess at least I knew they were close by …
I did manage to pull into the next town and fill up on mega cokes to get me through to the nearest town where I could find somewhere to book into a hotel and sleep …
So this is a glad to still be here post … killed in a car crash whilst asleep would just not be an exciting way to go.
By the way … it’s hot here in Utah.  Real hot.

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