Lost Lake Park

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Oh the luxury of too many trails …

Look at all those trails
Yep, this sign says it all …

Lost Lake Park is about 5 minutes ride from the centre of Whistler.  Most of the trails are easy to intermediate, they are all well signed and brilliantly maintained, and there’s cafes and even a great bike hire place at one of the entrances.  This is what I was expecting of riding over here in BC.

For these reasons it is very popular with families and XC riders, but most people just seem to concentrated on the main reommended ride, signed with these at every junction:

The upside of having all these riders around was that it became a bit like a race, and I found myself thinking more about how I could bridge up to the next person or group in front of me, and less about that fricking great drop or that seemingly impossible maze of roots I had to get through  … consequently I went a lot faster than the last few days and rode a lot more obstacles.  This was good.

Once off the main trail, it was easy to find routes which you had pretty much all to yourself, despite the fact there was actually a race taking place whilst I was out there riding.

What I really loved about this park was the number of man made features, some which quite honestly freaked me out and put me at the limit of my skills, but in the end I survived with a big smile on my face so that makes it a good day.

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