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So while riding around Lost Lake Park, I came across this sign which is not one you see back in Tasmania …

Kind of self explanatory I would have thought …

I found it kind of amusing at the time, sure in the knowledge that there would be no bears in this busy park, but then 30 or 40 minutes later I came around a corner and was lucky enough to do look up just in time to see a small bear about 30 metres down the track right in front of me. 

Hey bear.

I stopped and calmly talked to the bear like the “bear aware” brochures said I should.  He (or she) didn’t seem particularly interested in Tasmanians (maybe he couldn’t understand my accent?) and eventually he moved off the path allowing me to take the picture above before continuing on my way (though admittedly I was slightly more careful going around blind corners).

Fast forward another hour and I was cycling around Lost Lake for the second time having become completely disoriented and emerging no where near where I thought I was.  I cycled past this lovely jetty sticking out into the lake which was virtually empty.

Thinking how nice it would be to go out and perhaps have a quick swim, I locked my bike to a nearby tree and wandered out … about three quarters the way out I realised that they guy in front of me didn’t have any clothes on … nor the guy next to him.  I’d walked out onto a nudists jetty.

Hey Bare.

Just like my previous encounter, I gently and calmly talked to the offending creatures before calmly exiting the area.  This time though I didn’t take any photos.  Trust me, you should be thanking me for that.

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