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Living the dream …
Don’t worry team, I’ll show you which way to go …

Yep, I had another sea skills session today, but unfortunately I was still sporting a compass which got a little indistinct in the 260 to 320 degree arc area.

…maybe I need a new compass.

You think you’d get away with this seeing that leaves you 300 out of 360 degrees to play with,  but sure enough, pretty much every point we took a bearing on today was right in that range. 

I thought I was hiding my compasses deficiencies fairly well until I navigated us straight into the back of the Aurora Australis (sorry Australian Government, who knew a kayak could dent an ice breaker).

Actually it was extremely cool paddling right up underneath and alongside an icebreaker and touching its (very abused) side knowing that the metal I was touching had pushed through the ice-sheet of Antarctica.

Unfortunately my request for a pen so I could write “JD woz ‘ere” on the side wasn’t well received by my fellow paddlers.


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