Surprise lunch.

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I’d like to think I don’t get surprised very often, but the truth is that I do. In fact I get surprised a lot.

That said, I was still surprised to be surprised when in stocking up on supplies for our trip around the top part of the top end, Kim went and threw a can of SPAM in the trolley.

Thinking that she was of course joking, I tossed it back out onto the shelf and had a good laugh. However I was then summarily sent off to purchase something in another aisle (I can’t recall exactly what, but I do know it wasn’t the 24 cans of Pepsi max I came back with) only to notice a can of Spam hidden away again in the trolley.

I was again sent off on another errand just as we got to the checkout (the return of my 24 cans of Pepsi max to be exact which I had also tried, unsuccessfully, to hide in the trolley) and on my return the can of Spam had made it through the checkout and was safely in Kim’s possession (by the by, seeing I’m using so many bracketed comments in this story I thought I’d also mention that Northern Territory stores no longer hand out plastic bags, this is really cool as it shows that the world doesn’t come to the end, but it is also one of those really interesting bits of trivia that you wished you knew before you got to the front of the shopping line with a bag full of groceries and nowhere to put them).

We loaded everything into the van (which has a fridge and lots of cupboard space) and I worried and fretted over that can … Spam, I mean seriously? It wasn’t like we were roughing it that much.

Not able to bottle it up anymore, I asked why we had a can of spam in our possesion, to which Kim simply replied that she “liked it” (if I hadn’t already done the “Spam, seriously?” bit then I’d do it here). This obviously was neither a satisfactory, nor for that matter sane, response, so I figured that it didn’t hurt to have some emergency supplies to throw away at the end of the trip and so let it drop.

Fast forward three measly hours to our first lunch for the trip … Would Kim get out the fresh sandwich steaks, maybe we’d just have a selection nibbles and treats, but no she stepped out of the van with this …

I gulped, I whined, I moaned, I derided, but all to no avail … The spam was brought out of the tin, cut up and placed on our sandwiches, so I did all that was left to do … I ate it.
Then I realised that i enjoyed it so much, that I asked if I could have another one.

I really need to stop being surprised about being surprised.

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