How to Plan a Holiday

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I’m not very good at planning holidays as quite frankly there’s too many places I want to go and too many things I want to do. OK, and maybe I’m not the most decisive person in the world. 

You see, I really hate doing anything that limits my options … and that includes making a decision on absolutely anything.  I mean what if a cheaper airfare comes up? what if I decide I want to go somewhere else? what if, what if, what if ….

So, here’s one way to plan a holiday (it’s a roughly four month process).

Step 1: See a picture of the Alps and decide you’re going to Europe (January)

The Dolomites

Step 2: Read an article about mountain biking in Colorado, and decide you’re going to Colorado instead (February).

Somewhere in Colorda

Step 3: Vacillate between Step 1 and 2, driving your partner to distraction and frustration by changing your mind repeatedly, loudly and often … oh and change the dates you’re going on as well, that’s really  appreciated (February – April).

Step 4: Randomly respond to a post on ‘big mountain riding‘ on the forums about some places you like to ride (April).

Step 5: Get in an offline conversation with the original forum poster asking him where the photos he posted are from (April):

Step 6: Receive this reply (April 27):

“As for the photos they are from Canada mostly … if I
was going to do a trip that is where I would go.
better than anything else in the world by a country mile.”
Step 7: Look at airfares on a daily basis for about two weeks.  Make sure partner gets repeated and conflicting updates on what you’re thinking of doing.  She likes that (May).

Step 8: Check your financial situation, realise that with the recent Northern Territory holiday, couch purchase and computer breakdowns you can’t really afford an overseas holiday this year (May 18).
Step 9: Recall the Walden quote “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately … and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.“.  Ponder this and who you want to be. (May 21)

Step 10: Book a flight to Vancouver.  Choose to live deliberately. (Today).

I’m going on another adventure ….


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