Edith Falls

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Leaving Kakadu after our morning yellow river cruise (highly recommended) we headed down towards Katherine Gorge via firstly Pine Creek (very highly not recommended) and then Edith Falls.

We arrived at the Edith Falls car park and whilst Kim when to the ‘ladies room’, I went and studied the map so that I could expertly navigate us to the upper falls (the lower pool was closed to swimming due to smiley crocodiles). 

As we were about to find out, it turned out I was incapable of even navigating myself to the correct information map and so promptly set us off 180 degrees in the wrong direction, and rather than an easy 1km walk up to the falls we got to go the exciting way and walk a much less used, and longer, track to the falls.

The upside of this minor navigational error is that it really was a lovely walk (ignore any comments Kim might add to the contrary) and we did eventually get to the falls.

Never smile at a crocodile …

Don’t be taken in by it’s cheeky grin.

Eventually we did actually arrive at the falls, and I had a wonderful swim, Kim initially came in, but then got it into her head that there were crocodiles about (no idea how that thought could have been put into her head), and it was as I was frolicking in the deep water and Kim the shallow that we noticed all these people coming down these stairs and suddenly realised … Hmmm …. maybe the reason we didn’t see anyone else on the way in was because we didn’t come in the right way.

We followed this path on the way out and there at the trail head was the actual information map to the falls (not just the camping ground which is what I’d used).  Ooops.

By this time it was getting late, and being Kim’s birthday and all we had a dinner to get too …

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