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One of my new years resolutions was to improve my rough water handling in the sea kayak, so despite a smorgsaboard of cycling and ski events on offer this weekend, I headed off to sit down at Long Beach and start the long process of gaining my Sea Skills Award.

There’s fifteen of us who have enrolled to do the award, although only half of us turned up for the introductory weekend .  This could have something to do with the weather … let’s just say it wasn’t the sunniest day on Saturday, and it was a worse night on Saturday (first proper snow on Mt Wellington!).

Not sure if you can see the rain falling in this picture.

Despite the rain, it was good to go through the course overview and then get out on the water to practice our forward stroke … fortunately, a cold weather day can still be very beautiful.

Sunday, we covered navigation … and it was a pretty unanimous agreement that Brew cafe in Sandy Bay might be a better place to do our study, and fortnately the owners let us steal three hours for the morning … just so long as we kept ordering coffee :).

So, it’s Sunday night and I don’t really feel like I’ve had a weekend, but I guess I knew what I was getting into when I signed up … fortunately most of the theory will be covered over winter, and ultimately it will help me reach my goal of being a better paddler.

Only four more work days to go …


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