The Perfect Purchase

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We went shopping on Sunday and I bought the most wonderful and perfect thing in the world …

… two Pavina double-wall coffee mugs, my breakfast is now so much better and I am so easily pleased.

Oh, and I also bought some fancy Italian black leather couch which cost 143 times more than my beautiful coffee mugs and will take 12 weeks to arrive … I say coffee mugs are a much better purchase.

I think this was the couch I bought.  It was called the ‘Comfy’

I was very proud of my negotiating skills on the couch front.  Kim liked a white five seater L shaped couch with one of those flat areas on them (a chaise or something?) whereas I liked this black combination 2 and 3 seater set.  The sales man came over and after we explained the situation he chuckled and said I should just give in now and buy the white one.  He even went so far as to say that I should let him know when I was ready to give in and he’d do the paperwork.

But please note that I did get a black 2 and 3 seater lounge … all I had to do was buy a far more expensive one that was apparently wide enough for her highness to lie down on.  It may have cost me an extra $1200 for my little victory, but a victory is a victory and that’s what matters to me.

OK … and I liked the idea of an Italian couch, and the fact that I got it for $1,000 under the retail, and it was comfy, and yes, that we both liked it did help  …

However I have just realised I could have bought myself a Giant XTC composite 29er for the same price and had $500 left over for extras …anyone want to buy a couch?

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