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I was having a look at Pedalbite before heading up the coast and I noticed that there was a reference to a track at Bicheno, however the description and location wasn’t particularly helpful in actually locating it or finding anything else about it.

A bit more investigation and I found this site showcasing some pictures of a new track under construction at Bicheno funded by the Economic Stimulus Package.  I got excited.

Fortuitously it turned out that this new track was only a couple of hundred metres from where we were camping, so we headed up there on both Saturday and Sunday evenings.  The track has three short runs, and the story of our time on the BMX track is probably best told through images …

Small park, but lots of fun.
Marcus – straight into it.
After riding up to the track on her bike, Zara decides its more fun to run around the track than ride it.
Notice though that she’s still beating me.
Marcus gets better and more adventurous.
I demonstrate to the Monsters the consequences of tackling the more advanced runs.
Kim kindly catches the moment on film.
Kim flies over the track so fast that the only photos I get of her are at the start and end …. HONEST!
Meanwhile, Marcus gets fully airborne …

but Zara shows how it is really done …

There were a three young boys there when we arrived who showed how much fun the track can really be if you’re young and fearless (and have BMX bikes), and one of them even lent Marcus his BMX to have a go.  They also pointed me towards a downhill track up in the hills near the telecom tower which I never got to try out … I suspect this downhill track was the marked track on PedalBite.  Oh well, next time.

Getting There: If you want to find this track, then if coming from Hobart, turn left up the road (Sinclair Street) just past the Pub (there’s a sign to Seaview Holiday Park), follow this up and take the second right onto Banksia Street (again signed to Seaview) then just before entering Seaview turn left up Levy Street.  The track is at the end of this street (about 200 metres).

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