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I had tentative plans this weekend to head up the East Coast for some riding, but after fighting for several hours to get my replacement tyre onto my bike late into Friday night, and being none to sure of the outcome, I decided that a ride closer to home might be slightly more sensible.  I therefore decided to head over to the Clarence Mountain Bike Park and try out their XC course instead.
Having raced on part of the trail previously, I thought it would be a pretty easy spin, so was somewhat dismayed when I set off to discover a whole new section of XC track had been built heading up the hill.

This new section of track is the most brutal mountain park trail I’ve ridden since the black section of the Tarkine Adventures trail, and to be perfectly honest I didn’t really enjoy myself.  The switchbacks on the ride up are steep and sharp and well beyond my ability, the track is often narrow with lots of hazards (high rocks, roots, narrow gaps), and then on the way down I was again defeated by the sharp switchbacks, loose soil and quickly developing ruts.

The New Track – well beyond my skills,

The real shame was that this new section really bruised my confidence on the rest of the XC course and so I found myself being pretty lame the whole way around. Still, it was good to get out there and have a bit of a shake down, however I think this one is for fit intermediate to advanced riders to enjoy … and that’s not me.

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