Murray River Marathon – Day 0

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The good news is we made it and are technically ready to race. I have to say technically because there are a few small niggles we’re still working our way through.
My back is still pretty tight and sore following my nerve pinching issue (which I decided to spare you the details of but which has had me in a bit of agony and unable to paddle for the last two weeks); I had to get my boat through safety scrutineering with the rudder hidden in my pocket as a key bolt had shaken loose on the drive up here – thankfully a bit of a late night cannabilising of my mountain bike and I think I have fixed it; Bec is a tad unwell with hay-fever or a head cold; my brand new deck bag broke when I put it on for a test so I can’t carry any gear with me between check points and despite remembering to bring no less than 18 rechargable batteries with me for my GPS, I forgot to bring my actual GPS holder so won’t be able to track my distance or pace.
Situation normal … bring on the race!

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