One present to rule them all …

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So I did in fact get one more present for my birthday.

It was my best present this birthday … if not my best present ever.

Like … ever, ever.

Even better than that BMX I got when I was what 6? 8?

It was, in a Lord of the Rings analogy, the one present to rule them all, the one present to bind them …

And, no, it wasn’t a new bike.

It was ….

A soda stream.

That’s right, what I wanted above anything else this year was a soda stream, and I was so excited to get it.

Now to understand this desire, you have to understand that I owned one of the very first soda streams that ever came out.  Do you know the one’s?  They ‘farted’ every time they gassed the water (it was so cool) and the reinforced glass bottles used to explode with alarming regularity …

I loved it.

I’ve pined for one ever since I smashed my last bottle, and de-fizzed my last gas bottle all those years ago.

More recently, Kim and I did “Dry July” (well Dry most of July anyway), and in lieu of a glass of wine after work, we found ourselves buying those super cheap 75 cent bottles of Select Range soda waters from Woolworths.

They were in fact so cheap, and so nice, that we were going through up to 2 bottles a day … and that was creating an awful lot of plastic waste in the recycling bin.

It just seemed … wrong.

I thought there must be a better way, and that’s when it hit me: We needed a soda stream.

But Kim wasn’t so sure.

So I begged, and I pleaded, and I begged again … and then on my birthday … there it was my very own soda stream.


Now I can drink fizzy water to my hearts content, and even the kids love it.

There are some catches: I’ve of course had to go out and buy a spare gas canister ($49), and two extra bottles ($15) and although we don’t usually flavour the water, we’ve bought a few flavours ($6-$8 each) … just to try, so you can be enticed in by the entry price and then find yourself paying a lot more, but, I’m told that a refill gas cylinder costs $22 and makes about 60 litres of water, so that’s about 37 cents per litre … almost half the cost of what we were buying from Woolworths and more importantly we can say good bye to all that plastic waste …

One soda stream to rule them all I say …

I just wished they still farted.

Awesome birthday.

Thanks Kimmy

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