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Youi … they get me.

It’s true, they say so in their adverts and, because I’m not some gullible person that just believes adverts, I checked their website and I am happy to confirm that it says so there as well.

So, knowing that they’d get me, I got a quote from them when I bought my Mitsubishi Outlander a few years ago and it was a really good quote … they really did get me.

So I took out my car insurance with them, breaking a long standing relationship where I just insured everything through RACT.

But then something strange happened … a year passed.

I didn’t have any accidents.

None of my other life circumstances changed (except I got a year older and wiser).

Inflation was running at around 2%

And of course my car was a year older and so you’d think worth less …

… and yet, somehow, and I know I’m the only person on the planet this would have happened too …  my insurance premium jumped 9%.

Hmmm …a 9% increase in premium to cover a car that’s worth less than it was the year before.

Weird I thought …  Youi may be getting me, but I’m not sure I’m getting Youi.

What’s even weirder, I’d say almost unbelievable, is that my insurance premium has continued to increase year on year at this same pace – it increased another 7.2% last year and the premium this year has just arrived and its increased yet another 8.5%.

That’s a cumulative 27% increase in premiums over three years.

Now because Youi are such great guys (and get me so well) I’d normally just assume that this increase was because my car was increasing in value or something (I’m a pretty astute buyer) but I’m not so sure now, because during the course of the year, I happened to call Youi to get a quote for my home insurance and after spending 45 minutes (yes, that is how long it took) on the phone with them answering an endless series of questions, the quote came out at around $1,200 – which was way above what I was paying currently with another insurer.

Now, if you’re not sitting down, sit down now because this bit is going to shock you … they then offered (within seconds of my telling them that this quote wasn’t competitive), to insure my home for just $890 (which was still well above what I am currently paying), but it made me think … why did I just spend 45 minutes answering questions which got me a quote three hundred dollars more than what they were happy to insure me for?

But, you know, am I sitting here now getting alternative quotes for my vehicle insurance, or am I sitting here typing out a blog post explaining why I should go and get another quote …

I’m typing this blog aren’t I.

Yep,  like I said at the beginning of this post …  Youi … they get me (and my money).

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