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So three rather awesome things happened today.

The first was that I saw (in the space of thirty minutes) eleven quolls, a betong and a potoroo all whilst driving from Great Bay to Dennes Point on Bruny Island at 4.30am in the morning … which makes me think I should have said three rather awesome, and one amazing, thing happened: the amazing thing being that I got out of bed at 4am on a Saturday.

So ELEVEN quolls!!!!!

In my whole life I think I’ve only seen 3 or 4 quolls in the wild, and today I saw eleven and they were all so wonderfully, totally, cute.

OK, just wanted to put that out there.

The second rather awesome thing that happened was that Kim ran the 64km Bruny Island Ultramarathon which I think (although slightly over-clouded by the eleven quolls) is one of the most amazing things ever … particularly as she was still smiling at the end.

and I might just add that I think the Bruny Island Ultra is still one of the best, most friendly, foot races I’ve ever been to. or participated in

For such a long stretched out event, it sure is cool, and everyone is so supportive.

So go Kim!

The third, and perhaps the most amazing thing that happened today was that … wait for this … I was a properly organised support crew.

Didn’t see that coming did you.

Yep, I was awesome.

I was there with Kimmy the night before making sure she was properly carbo loading …

There is no such thing as empty calories.

I do confess I failed in complying with her instruction to “sleep on the floor” at our cute little AirBnB place (so she could get an uninterrupted nights sleep).

Entry to our little B&B room

But, that was just a small blip on my otherwise faultless support crewing.

I was there at 5am in the morning as she set off …

There she goes (go right Kim … right)

I was there 2kms in at the top of the first hill cheering her on …

I was first in line at the CWA hall when they opened at 6.30am to get Kim’s double bacon, no eggs, muffin …

Then I drove about 14kms down the road to deliver said double bacon muffin to my Kimmy … and refill her bottles, and feed her watermelon.

30kms in I was there, cheering her on as she ran past the lookout …

At the half way point I got out the folding bike, rode back to get Kim’s order (more watermelon, more water and goanna oil) and then rode back to have it all ready on the car for her arrival …

Then it was off to Adventure Bay to get ice to cool the drinks before returning at Alonnah to carry on my cheering …

I was there at Lunawanna as the skies opened to make sure she took the right hand turn to Cape Bruny …

And I was there every 2kms from that point onwards …

OK … maybe I got slightly distracted taking some flower shots.

And I was beside her at the end as she made it home …

Yep – I didn’t go off exploring and lose track of time, I didn’t go for a quick ride only to discover a new trail which needed exploring and I didn’t go off kayaking …
I just supported for once, and that’s awesome.
So in summary – eleven quolls in a single day – awesome, Kim running 64kms – mega-awesome, me being a proper support crew – frickin’  miracle.

Can I just finish by saying that I was really impressed by Bruny Island.

Yes, the ferry fare has gone up to $33 return for a car (when I was a young lad it was six and thrupence …) and yes the Dennes Point Store and Lunawanna Store both appear to have closed down, and yes, the latte I had at the Alonnah Shop was dreadful and every single place I wanted to stop (Get Shucked, The Cheese Factory, The Fudge Factory, The Coffee Shop in Adventure Bay, the Coffee Shop on the way to Alonnah and the green sheep second hand store were all shut when I drove past early in the morning) but the places that were open … they were superb.  The service and food at Hotel Bruny was so friendly and good, and we just loved our little AirBnB at Great Bay.

I’ll be back.

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