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While I may have made the transition from books to kindles, one thing hasn’t changed …  I still love to read.

It relaxes me, it’s my time out, it’s what I do to unwind at the end of the day and prepare for sleep and perhaps most importantly, virtually every book I read is a chance to go on a new adventure without having to leave the comfort of my own bed.
…  and that appeals to me, particularly during winter in Tasmania,
However, I will also admit that most books that I read are either fictional stories that would be considered by most as trash (except the Zombie books of course), or they’re travel stories that whilst enjoyable, don’t transcend or transport me to new a place.
But not all …
I picked up a copy of the Unlikely Voyage of Jack De Crow after hearing a friend recommend it to another friend, and from just a few pages in, I was hooked.
There are very few authors that capture what I see as the true joys of travel – the highs and the lows.  The amazing moments and the disasters. Alastair Humphreys was probably the last author that grabbed me this much, and A.J. Mackinnon has done so again.

In fact it’s captured me so much, I’ve already put his next book on hold … and I’m even going to do it old school – I’m going to read a real book from the library.

Yep, that’s how much it got me.

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