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I know you’re all wondering … how did the return flight with Jetstar go?

Well, I have to say … pretty good … they’re really going all out to maintain their planes nowadays …

Nicely cleaned vent in the plane’s toilet.  Yum.

We checked in (despite being a few kilo’s over our baggage limit) with no problems, and being a bit more prepared we’d forked out $9 each for iPads (a very good investment on a 10 hour daytime flight, although I wish I’d brought my own earphones) and as our flight was from 12 noon to 12 midnight, we’d also forked out the $24 each for their meal and snack, despite not having any great expectations as to the quality of the food.

We’d figured no matter how bad it was, we’d want something to eat around dinner time.

So you can understand how under-impressed we were when an hour into our flight (so around 1pm) our meal appeared.

You can imagine how even less impressed we were when at 6pm our ‘snacks’ appeared …

A glass of water and a Kit Kat bar the size of a 50 cent coin.

You can imagine the sarcastic and self-ingratiating post I would write to vent my disgust at this ridiculous service planning.  Actually you don’t need to …  as you have just read it.

Unfortunately for me it was at this point that our second hot meal appeared, which along with the free cups of tea and coffee we got for having pre-ordered made it a pretty good deal.

Darn you Jetstar!


PS.  I was however amused when checking which terminal we’d be leaving from in Japan to find this page which if you read down has a nice little footnote at the bottom telling the two people that may have found there way here that they are actually eligible for a refund if they booked to fly to Narita Airport prior to 2nd March because of the change of terminals (hey – that’s us!).

I found this interesting, because I remember getting an email from them telling me that they had changed terminals … but I don’t recall there being any mention of us being eligible for a refund.

Must have skipped their minds, or maybe they couldn’t identify which people this refund would apply to as there’s no way they’d have access to a system which would tell them who has booked onto the affected flights and would be eligible for the refund.

I understand this and shall be in contact with them to get my refund as soon as I decide how much to charge them for the service fee, insurance and credit card selection fee.

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