Ollie & Ella

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Kim trusted me with her precious monsters the other night …

No, not the big monsters … she left me with the other monsters  …  Ollie & Ella.

Meet Ollie & Ella

Now overall Ollie and Ella are really taking to the new house, and they particularly seem to like the lounge-room where they can perch themselves up on the couch and dog bed and stare out the window at everything that is going on in their domain …

Yes – all seems in order here.

So I thought everything would be tickety-boo with our night without Kim, but I hadn’t factored in the small child problem.

You see the problem was that like most young children, they weren’t quite sure what was going on … and whilst they were initially excited and happy when I got home from work, you could almost see the question start forming in their little heads …

Where’s mum?

Where’s mum?

When is mum getting home?

 I played with them a bit more and tried to distract them, but 30 minutes later, they were at the window … waiting, waiting, waiting for mum.

and waiting …

And waiting …

and waiting …

At around 9.30pm, I finally pulled the curtains shut and the first thing Ollie did was jump off his bed and try and find a way under the curtain so he could continue his vigil.

It was so sad because it was too dark for him to even see anything outside the window.

I finally got Ollie up to the bedroom where he usually saunters himself up to the top of the bed, throws himself down with an “oh if you must” look on his face and proceeds to roll over onto his back waiting for a tummy tickle … but this time he perched himself on the very bottom corner of the bed – the one closest to the door  – and he just sat there staring out the door, waiting for his mum.

Poor Ollie.

Postscript: We all had a very long night as the dogs ran up and down the stairs every time they thought they heard something, but I’m glad to say that they’ve had a few more nights without mum now and have settled into the routine a lot more.  Ollie’s even decided that even if mum isn’t here, I’m still allowed to give him his tummy tickle.


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