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Not every weekend has to be an adventure … at least that’s what people at work try and tell me …

“So – I just got a text message saying we don’t have to do this every weekend?”

So to see if this were true, this weekend Kim and I headed up for a few days on The Gold Coast (without monsters).

I have to admit, I think I see what people are on about …

I managed to catch up on a lot of reading on the flights to and from the Gold Coast … including getting through an entire book on SEO optimisation and two cycling magazines.

Teach Yourself Visually Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Rafiq Elmansy
To put some context around that, I constantly get these terrible emails from SEO marketing firms telling me they’ve reviewed my website and identified a number of reasons why my sales are so low (I have always suspected this is because none of my sites sell anything) and then they go on about how much they’d love to talk to me about how they can help improve my business model … for a small fee.
It’s when I get these sort of emails for the Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club and Rogaining Tasmania websites that I find it really funny as I really don’t understand how all these firms whose businesses are focussed on improving sales can be so bad at doing their own sales research.  But with that said I wanted to at least understand what this SEO malarkey is all about hence my in-flight reading.
Just had to get that off my chest.
Back to Queensland.
Sunday didn’t start so well when Kim and Kath got up at some ridiculously early hour (didn’t they know I was on holiday?) and noisily woke the whole house with all their chatter.  Then to add insult to injury, Kath dropped her iphone and smashed the screen …
It was around this point in time that I decided the smart thing to do was to let the girls go off and do their own thing while I headed off to meet Shane for breakfast down by the broadwater where we just people watched and chillaxed for most of the morning before Shane headed off to work.
I reconnected with Kim and Kath for a late lunch and drinks at a pub, which migrated back to Kath’s house where her neighbours came over … and well … the evening wound on as it does on a warm Queensland night …
Monday morning, Kim and I were both feeling a bit sorry and sore from our “efforts” yesterday and decided another greasy breakfast and a bit of harbour town shopping was in order …

… and then before we knew it we were back on our flight home.

So there you have it, a perfectly normal couple, having a perfectly normal weekend away with no adventures whatsoever … right Kim … Kim?

OK, so apparently while I was having breakfast, Kim went off and ran a marathon … does a marathon class as an adventure?  I’ll have to check with the people at work.

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