Cows with guns …

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I find one of the amusing things about travelling overseas is the large number of signs I gaily cycle past without having any idea what they mean.

For instance, I suspect I cycled past several hundred signs over the last few days that all said “you are stupid, and are pedalling in the wrong direction.”

No particular reason for me thinking this. Well, no reason other than the thousands of other people who streamed past me on their bikes all going the other way while I toiled relentlessly uphill …

But then you pass a sign like this one ….

I mean I get enough of those words to know that “Bestiame Al Pascolo” is not a moo cow I want to mess with.

He’s obviously a cow with a gun.

Problem is I don’t get enough to know what to do if I actually meet Mr Al Pascolo.

He looks dangerous .. right?

Fortunately, I found this track that detoured around him … It was marked with this sign that said “Pericolo” which I hoped was some new brand of cola as I was thirsty …

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