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So I bought myself a pretty cool birthday present for my 40th… no not the Tiderace Pace 17 (though that was a cool present).

Depending on how you look at it, you could just say I bought myself a six week holiday in Europe, but I don’t see it like that,  I see that I bought myself six weeks of adventure, uncertainty, fear, excitement and oh so many other things.

Being me, I secretly already want to go home, but that’s why I bought myself this present.  You see this present is a leaf of blank pages in which to write a new chapter of my life, the one that starts with me somehow being a 40 year old, worryingly unfit, a bit burnt out emotionally and in need of a reset … and hopefully ends some forty something days later with a new view on life.

The scary bit is I don’t know how this story will unfold, and I’m very aware from my trip before last in the USA that it may not go for long, nor may it have the happy ending I’m looking for.

So I’m missing Kim (and the monsters), and as I expected I’m already pretty sore and battered from two days of wandering around Rome in 35+ degree heat and thunderstorms.  Both my feet have the skin worn away from my thongs, my back aches, I’m chaffed everywhere and sun-burnt all over my shoulders and my time here in Rome is fast running out and I’m torn between heading south into the heat of the Amalfi Coast as originally planned or just going directly north and seeking a cooler climate around the Alps …

The adventure has begun exactly as I expected it would …

Happy Birthday to me.

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