The Junction

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To most people it is just a nameless junction onto the I17 Freeway that they will have forgotten before they’ve even driven through it.

To me it is where I made one of the most interesting decisions of my life:  To give up on an adventure I’d dreamed of for years.

It was at this junction, just over two years ago, that I pulled up with my bike, sat down with a map and decided that I couldn’t do the trip I’d planned.  It was here that I realised my heart wasn’t in this trip.  It wanted to go home and try and save what proved to be a doomed relationship.

It was here, two years ago, that I turned left and headed back to St George and ultimately home.

Today, I got out of my car and was surprised to find it to be just a hot, dry featureless piece of ground. 

I have been thinking of this junction a lot over the last couple of weeks, knowing that soon I would be returning to it.  I guess I was expecting some kind of cathartic cleansing returning to this spot, but I didn’t.  I just felt … hot.

I wandered around a bit, snapped off a couple of photos, and then jumped back into my air-conditoned car and departed.

This time however, I turned right … even though I’m still heading home.

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