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I veered off from the rest of the paddling group as we came back around the corner towards Sandy Bay.  They continued on towards Marieville Esplanade as I cut off closer to shore, heading to the Derwent Sailing Squadron where I had left my car so I could give my boat a good clean before the pool session tomorrow.

It was beautiful at first, paddling alone through the darkness, seeing the rest of the paddlers moving further and further away.

Then my mind started to dwell on the fact that I was paddling in the dark by myself. Alone … just me.  Nobody really knew I was there other than the other guys that were now gone from my sight, and no one was expecting me anywhere anytime soon … it was just me.

Then I heard a splash behind me, probably just a fish breaking the surface, a big fish. 

Sometimes I really hate just how active my imagination can be … oh, and all those horror movies I watched as a young child.   Not that I was worried or anything.  I just decided that it might be time to put down the camera and get to shore …

Honest, I just needed some sprint training, that was all it was …

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