Douglas Apsley Gorge

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After two days of sand and surf we thought we’d end our long weekend with a dip up at Douglas Apsley Gorge.

For me this was another excuse to use my new Alpaca Pack Raft, although to be honest Kim and the Monsters got around the small swimming hole quicker than I did with the raft.

I was a bit disappointed with the Gorge, as the last time I was here in 2000 (I think) the water had been crystal clear and beautiful, and the gorge surrounded by lovely bushland.  It was obvious a flood had been through more recently with piles of debris washed high up onto the banks, plus the water itself was murky and dark.

I dug up this old photo so you can compare then and now:

Year 2000.  Notice how clear the water is.      
… and now.

Despite that, the water was still cool, unsalty and refreshing and it was a good way to end the weekend … well if you ignore the nearly two hour stop over at the Bakery in Swansea so the little monster could play in yet another park.

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