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Once a year I give my little bit back to society by volunteering to count cyclists for a couple of hours …

I know, on the scale of world volunteering, it’s not much and it is kind of fun getting up at 5am in order to be ready and in place to capture the first cyclist coming past at 7am as the sun rises over a waking city.

This year I was doing my count on the juntion of Regent Street and Fitroy Place and I expected to see stacks of cyclists, and frustratingly I did … but all at the wrong times.  In the 15 minutes I was waiting to begin the count, I had seven cyclists go through my intersection and then in the five minutes after 9am, eight more cyclists went through my intersection.

It was like the pesky buggers didn’t want to be counted!  My official count was 46, but with those extra 15 it could have been 61.

However, the count ended at 9am and so my task was done.  It was time to get to the nearest toilet block, not count pesky cyclists  …

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