Saving pennies can cost you pounds

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I took my Epic V8 into Derwent Marine to get repaired today. 

Don there doesn’t think I did too much damage, but it’s still going to cost me around $250 to get it repaired, plus I have no ski for a week :(.

I had been warned about the potential of hitting a submerged log and driving my rudder up into the hull during the Murray, and I even purchased and started to fit the attached hobie rudder to the back of my ski as a temporary retractable rudder specifically for the race.

Thing is I didn’t finish it because I’m easily distracted, intimidated by practical matters and thought it would cost too much.

The funny thing is that it had cost me all of $28 to purchase the hobie rudder and probably would have cost me another $50 or so to buy the rest of the stuff I needed, and a few hours to fit it.  

Oh well, live and learn.

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