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My bike light illuminating the darkness before me.
“I want you to stop riding and start attacking”
Those were the words my physio uttered to me, just before he pushed me out the door and said “and I don’t need to see you anymore.”
I was better.
OK, not better “better”:  I still have a sore knee, and can expect aches and pain for anything up to another year, but my knee’s are now both strong enough to take it, and in the words of my physio, there wasn’t much more he could do for me and it was now time to attack those climbs.
I must have read his mind because the night before (as per these two pics) I had ridden home via the bush tracks that wend up between the Mt Nelson Steps and Proctors Road.  It was a tough ride in the dark and cold across slippery, wet mud and over rocky, steep ground.   I didn’t have the fitness for the climb, but it was good anyway, and I had attacked it.

Tonight, I rode home via the Mt Nelson Bends and I was up out of my seat every time the hill got steep.  I overtook three other cyclists going up the bends (but I do acknowledge the electric bike advantage). 

Still it was good to get up out of the saddle and attack.  Really good.

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