Verona Sands to Eggs and Bacon Bay

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I needed to go and explore today, and I had planned on joining the Sea Canoeing Club’s Trip out to  Vensitat Point from Verona Sands, but it just didn;t happen, so I headed down there anyway and explored an area I’ve been meaning to get to for ages – namely to see how far up Garden Island Creek I could get, as well as have an explore around Randalls Bay.

Not much to say about the day really, the weather was perfect – flat and cool with a clear sky.  I saw a few other paddlers out and about, and I did reach my goal of paddling up under the bridge on the rivulet (though got a few scratches on the bottom of my boat for the trouble).

Lots of birds around, and it was just a wonderful day.  Shame about my camera, it really doesn’t capture the wonder odf the day.

Setting off from Verona Sands Beach

Huon Island in the distance.

Travelling up Garden Island Creek.

As far as I can go.  About 15 metres up stream from the bridge.

Paddling through Randalls Bay

Very smelly boat at Randalls Bay

Randalls Bay

Randalls Bay Cliffs

Sunken Boat at Eggs and Bacon Bay

View towards Bruny Island in the Distance (Return leg)

Back at Verona Sands

All up it was about a 3 hour, 20km paddle.  I did a lot of ducking in and out of the shoreline (if you look carefully at the GPS it actually looks like I was paddling across the land in places as I cut in within metres of the shoreline).

It was an easy/medium effort as I have a race coming up tomorrow.  A lovely paddle.

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