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I went for my daily swim this afternoon after work, and whilst doing laps up and down this pool, this younger lady actually came in and started doing laps.

I should say the the predominant users of the pool seem to be the infirm, injured and elderly (not sure which of these categories I’m in) not the younger generation all of whom seem to live in the cardio section.

I know I shouldn’t have done it, I apologise to her, whoever she is, but I am like a dog when you throw a stick out into the water, I have as little control over my urge to chase as a dog does to splash out into the water to gather the stick.

So I stuck to my training regime, but every time I got to doing cardio laps, I couldn’t help but find myself pacing, and then racing this girl, and whilst I do apologise to her, god it felt good, I felt the most alive I have in weeks.  I need to chase.

Thank you.

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