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Port Arthur Church

It was meant to be the first real test for the year.  It was the event I had locked in way back in November last year, it was my unmasking, my chance to come out and say “I can do this again“, I’m a new me.  It was the 2011 Hobart 10km Run The Bridge.

There wasn’t any real reason I had set so much stake on this particular event, except maybe the attraction that I hadn’t done it before, so it was new.  More importantly, I think the attraction to this event was that when I entered I was still 10kgs away from even being able to do my first run (which didn’t happen until January) and so it was a real challenge when I decided to aim for it.  It was something I was far from certain I could actually do.  It asked the question – could I persist, could I survive … could I amaze?

But it’s now been and gone, and instead of sitting here sore but contented having faced the challenge and come out the other side, I’m just sitting here.

I’m siting here with my leg bound up, just as I’ve been sitting here for the last week, a victim of a stupid misadventure.

I’d taken Ash, Jannaya, Sam and Will down to Port Arthur to do a Ghost Tour on A&J’s last night here in Tassie, but as the night unfolded I ended up walking Jannaya and Sam back to the visitors center about half way through the tour as they were both getting a little too scared.

After getting them back safe, I decided on an impulse to go back and join the group, and this was where I took a step too far.  To be precise whilst heading from the solitary prison back down to the road, I quite literally stepped off a 5ft drop down onto the road without even seeing it.

I was scratched, banged around and a bit nauseous, but I hadn’t truly realised the damage I’d done to myself as I quickly jumped back onto my feet before the group arrived and saw me in their torches.  I let most of them past before tacking onto the end, earnestly trying to hide my limp.

I realised I was in a bit of trouble as the first signs of shock gripped me a few minutes later (nausea, dizziness, sweating, over heating) but I managed to sit down and rest for a few minutes as the guide gave a bit of a spiel and then follow the group back to the visitors centre.

The next day (Sunday) I couldn’t walk, and almost collapsed going down the steps in my house.  Rach took me to see the after hours doctor, who made the right noises about not worrying and pushed me out the door four minutes and $81 later.  When I saw my normal doctor three days later he also said to give it time before we do further testing, so I returned to my couch and waited.

It’s now been seven days.  My doctor tells me I have fluid leaking from my knee which is causing my calf and foot to swell up and sometimes the pain is excruciating, especially at night.  I can’t unfortunately get into see my doctor again until next Tuesday to get to do any more scans or tests, so I wait, and I rest, and I recover.

I’ve missed the bridge run, and likely I’ll miss quite a few other events I had planned over the coming months, but I still plan to reach my goals, and my ultimate goal this year is to still compete in a half iron-man.  Maybe I’ll get an MRI and that will end my dream, but what I do know is that it will be the physical, not the mental that will stop me.

… and watch out for me in the 2012 Run the Bridge, ’cause I’ll be there.

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