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One of my aspirational goals out of all this fitness stuff is to get into a bit of road racing with the vet club, however a friend of mine who rides with them keeps giving me the strong message that I’m probably not fast enough yet.

The other week he told me I should aim to do the Casino to Kingston via Bonnet Hill Ride (out and back) at around 25km/hr.

My first attempt last week, I clocked in at 24.3km/hr.

Just repeated the ride at lunch today, and finished the 25.3km ride in 55min and 36 seconds …. that’s an average of around 27km/hr and I was a bit wary on the descents due to a lunchtime rainshower. I was stoked.

Unfortunately, by way of epilogue, after thrusting my GPS in front of Don expecting at least some words of congratulation, instead his response was simply “Should have told you to aim for 30km/hr”.

30km/hr it is. I feel like a puppy trying to get a pat on the head.

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