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recreation, just imagine it says 102.8kg

 I stood on the scales this morning to be greeted by an annoying number: 102.8kgs.  Just to be sure that this was about right I then went and stood on my second set of scales, which unforunately confirmed the diagnosis of 102.8kgs.

This is a slightly annoying weight for two reasons.  Firstly, because last week, after being very dehydrated  following Sally’s Ride the day before my official weekly weigh in, I had weighed in at less than this (101.8kg from memory) down from 103.6 the previous week, but more-so, because according to the standard BMI calculation, I will ‘officially’ move from being Obese to Overweight at, wait for it, 102.7kg.  Soooo close.

I did however expect this.  Firstly I knew I was very dehydrated from Sally’s Ride, and most of my weight loss had been due to water loss.  I knew this because I had weighed in on the Saturday morning before at 102.4kgs, and I didn’t think I’d lost 0.8kgs in fat from one walk and one ride in two days, but also because I felt strangely deflated, and almost borderline sick last week, and actually pretty much stopped doing any exercise on Wednesday because I had a splitting headache.

That’s why I didn’t panic this weekend when I realised that I was going to go up in weight, in fact other than a fun, but good, workout on Saturday Morning paddling from Kingston Beach south sitting about 2-5metres off the shoreline the whole way, I pretty much did nothing all weekend and allowed my mind and body to get well and positive again.

I did however write myself a training plan.  Well, scribbled a few things I’d do this week with an eye towards competing in the Summer Survival challenge in February 2011 if it goes ahead:

My idea of a training plan … scribbles on paper blu-tacked to wall.

The downside of this “training plan” was that when my alarm went off at 5.30am this morning, I did actually have to get out of bed, despite still feeling pretty run down and fluey, and managed to get myself organised enough so I was down at work and wheeling my racing bike out the door about 6.30ish.

My aim was to cycle over to Kingston Beach and back via Taroona to see how long it would take me.  This being the road bike section for the Summer Survival Race if it goes ahead.

I had no expectations, I just wanted to set a benchmark.  It turns out it took me about 1hr 18mins (just over) at an average speed of 24.3kms an hour.  This included the sections too and from work to the Casino and also an easy loop around Kingston Beach.  I had a chat to Don here at work and he tells me a time of 25kms/hr is good, so that’s my target now.  The good news was that the riding felt good.  I pushed myself, and was really at my limits several times, but at worst I only pulled back a little and kept fighting most of the way.  I think 25kms/hr is realistic.

So this was a good morning for me: (1) I got out of bed, and basically my training plan is all about trying to make better use of the morning for training, (2) I felt good and set a reasonable time, and (3) I felt much. much, much better when I got back to work than I had when I set off.

Swimming as usual tonight (1.5km laps) as I figure these two exercises work different muscle groups, and then just my normal walk to and from work tomorrow.

25 days to go, and 2.8kgs to loose … it’s coming down to the wire, but I still believe.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I have two sets of scales.  Basically, my old scales were fast dying, and yes it may have something to do with all the weight placed on them, so I bought a new set recently, but I can’t convince myself to get rid of the first set now as I kind of like having the ability when I stand on one set and don’t like the result I see to be able to step on the other and see if I get a result more to my liking.  I don’t call it cheating, I use the word averaging.

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