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I had Sally’s Ride in my diary for Sunday, so headed up North today, planning to do the last section of the trail I hand’t previously completed up this way:  Caves Track from near Bracknell up to the top of the Tiers near Poatina. 

I bypassed this section when I cycled the Tasmanian Trail all those years ago, as the guide recommended against it for cyclists, and after having just walked it I would have to say that the top half, from the Caves upwards, would be a long slow nightmare of pushing if you had a fully laden bike, but I will also say that it was a beautiful walk and if I were at Bracknell deciding which way to go … well if I was feeling fresh, or had an unladen bike, I’d go this way every time.

The trail was pretty easy to follow, though there were one or two junctions where I had a moments hesitation about which way to go.

Here’s a bit of a photographic essay of my little walk.  It took about 4 hours return from the end of the road.

Starting out … the ford would be a better option, but I couldn’t resist the bridge.

The hills to come …

Heading up alongside paddocks.

Pretty flowers.

Spring’s such a great time to go walking.

Entering the lower slopes, open bushland, great walking (and riding)

Track passes through some lovely wet forest areas as well.

Getting near the caves.

The caves, really just a sheltering overhang.


This is typical upper track, rough, rocky and steep.

Return journey, sheltering from rain in cave.

Everything’s soaked now.

The end.

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