Hartz Peak

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Not much of a story about this one.  Bec. suggested I might like to come along on a day walk up to Hartz Peak, and I thought why not : chance to play in the snow and (ulterior motive) maybe a chance to cycle that section of the Tasmanian Trail I missed.

What I learnt on this walk is that snow isn’t soft.  In fact this snow was more like a cheese grater, and given I was just wearing a pairt of shorts, and regularly sinking into the snow up to my waist as I broke the path for Bec and Tracy this means that my legs felt like I’d kneeled down on a bed of sandpaper and rubbed back and forth vigourously.

 Yummy thought.

Anyway, it was still a nice walk.  Clouds came in big time as we got to the summit which blocked out all the forestry harversting below which I wasn’t too disappointed about.

On the way back down, I got Bec and Tracy to drop me off at the junction where I’d taken a wrong turn a few weeks previously and from there I got to follow the “new” section of the Tasmanian Trail down into Geeveston via four foot road.

There were a few little climbs to start with, but soon the downhills came thick, steep and fast.  I’d feel sorry for a horse rider going this way.  The run down four foot road was just brilliant:  Barely turned a pedal.

Bec and Tracy were even waiting for me in the little coffee shop at the bottom where a latte and much drooling over chocolates took place.

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